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Ormond Beach Home and Condo Sales

Are you an Ormond By The Sea Property Owner considering renting your property? Ocean View Realty’s Rental Program Booklet describes the complete program and answers many of your questions. You will find the Ocean View Realty Group approach to rentals easier than most.  For instance, there’s no contract to sign. Just give us your name, address, identify the property you own and we will mail you our complete Rental Program description. Contact us at any time with questions you may have about our Rental Programs. We handle 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms short term vacation rentals, long term, furnished and unfurnished condos and homes in Ormond By The Sea, Florida. Ocean View has the knowledge, experience and programs for all residential Ormond By The Sea Rental Property. Our Rental Programs are second to none in the area. Our attractive rental brochures, direct mail, advertising and excellent location are all designed to maximize occupancy of our client rental properties in Ormond By The Sea.  To ensure that we can provide the highest level of service to our rental clients and customers, Ocean View limits the rentals to Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea. Visit our rental website at  Ocean View has the knowledge and experience to market Ormond By The Sea properties.

At Ocean View you deal with full time dedicated professionals. Call today. Toll free from the USA and Canada 1-800-356-3409  AT OCEAN VIEW ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  For information about the Ocean View Rental Programs and to find out how Ocean View can help you rent your Ormond Beach property contact our Vacation Rental Specialists. You can email them directly at

Ocean View has put together a few hints to help your guests enjoy your vacation rental home or condo.  View the list on the owner page of our vacation rental web site and let us know if you have additional suggestions. Vacation rental owner hints

Search MLS anonymously

Estimate your net proceeds from a home or condo sale in Ormond By The Sea, Florida.


If you are mathematically challenged and cannot use this form contact Realtor® Rhonda Lehnen at Ocean View Realty Group and she will get you through the or 386-441-8245.

Contract/Sale Price $__________________

Selling Cost:
1. Marketing Service $_____________ (Real Estate agent commission)
2. Florida Transfer Tax $_____________ Doc Stamps .70 per $100
3. Title Insurance $_____________ Approx. $5.75 per $1000
4. Title Search, Exam, Fee $250.00  (to Closing Agent)
5. Misc./Other $_____________ ______________(add $500 for other costs) 

Total Selling Cost $_______________ (subtract this from sales price to get Gross proceeds)
Gross proceeds $______________
 Payoff First $_______________
Payoff Second $_______________
Other $_______________
Estimated Net Proceeds $_______________


Tax Note
You will be paying real estate taxes at closing even if you pay them monthly with your mortgage payment.  The lender will reimburse you for the amount left in the tax account after your loan is paid. The tax you pay will be prorated.  You will owe tax for each day you owned the property from January 1st until the closing date. For example, if your closing is July first you will owe 6 months of the annual tax bill at closing.  The tax is credited to the buyer so when the tax bill comes the buyer will be responsible for paying.

Packing Tips
Before you begin, make plans to carry with you any medications, valuables, flammable, unsafe, perishable or irreplaceable items. A change of clothing, toiletries, moving related documents, keys and maps would be other things to set aside. Other items that you may want to carry with you include your address book, phone to plug into at your new home, a hammer, screw driver, pliers, adjustable wrench, duct tape, masking tape, and a knife. A towel, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, sponges and cleaning supplies may also come in handy at your new home. Pack least used items in advance and try to keep items from the same room together. Remember too that lots of people move on the first of the month and on weekends, so make reservations for your mover or truck well in advance. Keep all of your boxes manageable with heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter item in bigger boxes. Clearly mark each box for the room it is going to so on arrival.  Donate items or have a yard sale to reduce what you will need to pack and move.

Packing supplies

Set up a packing area
 - You will probably need twice as many boxes (or more) than you originally planned 
-  Bubble wrap and newspaper for wrapping things
-  Pens and markers 
-  Tape measure 
-  Packing tape and scissors
-  Twine or rope 
-  Furniture pads or old sheets and blankets 
-  Box cutter/knife
​Moving tips
A few hints to help with the moving experience.
- Many people move on the first of the month and on weekends so be sure to make arrangements for movers or truck rentals a couple months in advance.  
- The closer you get to moving day the more hectic things may become. 
- Plan ahead and do some of the things early, like sending change of address notes to friends, family etc.

Other things you can do early include:
- Decide what you will not move and have a yard sale or donate the items. Clean out the closets, garage, attic and basement.

- Make a packing plan. 
- Complete any needed service to your vehicle.  
- Arrange for insurance and utilities for your new home.  
- Arrange for transfer of medical, dental, school and other records.  
- Plan transportation and care for any pets.  
- Set up your “packing station” and begin putting things there to get ready.  
- Set aside an area to put important documents and other items you will be keeping with you on moving day. As you come across an item, put it in that area. Also keep a pad of paper and pen there and list items you want to carry with you and check them off as you locate and set them aside.

Storage for lease in Ormond By The Sea, Florida

Ocean View Realty Group has options for storage in Ormond By The Sea, Florida.  One is located across the street from the Publix on A1A.  These storage units have no electricity and no climate or humidity control. They are about 9 feet wide, 19 feet deep and 6.5 feet high.  Apply your own padlock and access your storage unit anytime day or night. Store your stuff or a car.  These units are to be used for storage only, no other activity is permitted.  

Ocean View realty Group also has 7 X 16 Storage units under our Ormond By The Sea office.  These Storage units are dehumidified and have 11 foot ceilings.  Access is through a 3 foot door.  For additional information and photos visit the storage page of the Ocean View Realty Group Web site.

Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea condo Buyers and sellers note:

A Governance form is required to be given to any condominium buyer in Florida effective January 1, 2009.  The Governance form informs buyers as to some of the workings of a Condominium Association that may be unfamiliar. Ocean View Realty Group, specializing in Ormond By The Sea, Florida residential condo sales, provides a PDF copy of the form for all to review. Click on this link to view the Florida Condo Governance form 

Toll free from the USA and Canada 1-800-356-3409     
 Local phone 386-441-8245
Fax 386-441-2407

Ormond Owners Report
Ocean View publishes a quarterly newsletter for out of town Ormond By The Sea property owners to help keep them informed of what is happening in the area. The "Ormond Owners Report" is an informative publication that highlights happenings in Ormond By The Sea and surrounding areas. If you are an Ormond By The Sea Property Owner or are otherwise interested and are not receiving yours visit the Ormond Owners Report web site or use the form to sign up.  The newsletter is published on that web site and also emailed to the mailing list.

More Ocean View Realty Group Information

For information about Ormond By The Sea, Florida visit the Ocean View Realty Group web site  If you are not ready to contact Ocean View Realty Group yet and are not sure where you are in your search you can always go back to the home page of this web site and start over.

Ocean View Realty Group
1350 Ocean Shore Blvd Suite A
Ormond Beach Florida 32176

Fax 386-441-2407

Curious about the real estate market in Ormond By The Sea?  Visit the market watch page of this web site for updates and comparisons to previous years.

For additional information about Ormond By The Sea vacation rental homes and condos contact our vacation rental specialists

Visit the Ormond By The Sea, Florida page For information about the local area 

Ormond By The Sea vacation rental home and condo information is on the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group Inc.  vacation rental web site at  

At Ocean View Realty Group,  one call does it all!

Ormond By The Sea, Florida Condos

Looking for information and photos of a condo in Ormond By The Sea?  Below are links to the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group vacation rental web site pages for individual condo buildings in Ormond By The Sea, Florida.   

Photos and descriptions of each building are followed by links to individual vacation rental condos.

Owner Information

Ocean View Realty Group Sales And Rentals in Ormond Beach Florida

Ocean View Realty Group Ormond By The Sea Florida  
Sales and Rentals--Homes and Condos


Ormond By The Sea, Florida Annual Leases

Most sellers will agree that advertising is important to getting their property sold for the best price in the shortest time.  Ocean View maintains a select inventory of properties for sale to allow us to advertise every property, not just a few. Ocean View advertises in the Real Estate Book, a national publication that also offers additional internet exposure for advertised properties through several web sites. Many potential buyers in the area pick up the free Real Estate Book publication to assist them in finding a property. Ocean View also uses direct mail to reach those thinking of relocating to the area to help market our properties for sale. Web sites and internet advertising are the fastest growing segment of the Ocean View Realty Group advertising budget. Studies have consistently shown that a vast majority of home and condo buyers use the internet to help find the right property. Ocean View also holds open houses at our properties for sale. 

Ormond By The Sea Real Estate Sellers Links 

If you are considering selling your Ormond Beach or Ormond By The Sea, Florida home or condo, do yourself a Ocean View Realty Group. 

Links for Ormond By The Sea home or condo sellers.

Use these convenient links to find helpful information.
Note that all phone numbers are area code 386 unless otherwise indicated.
Attorney Sharon Logan specializes in Real Estate 673-5787,

Appraiser – Fran Lasseter, 258-5858

Mortgages Mike Ramsey, 756-7766,

Vacation Rentals

Ocean View Real Estate Blog

Ocean View Realtor Web Site

Search the Daytona Beach Area Multiple Listing (MLS)

Storage visit the Ocean View Realty Group storage page.

Packing your belongings, some hints to help you organize the job

Moving; some tips to help you along the way

Link to US postal service for address change

Ocean View Condominium Rental Group Rental Manager of Choice

for Ormond By The Sea Property Owners

We find tenants through our internet presence, local advertising and referrals from Realtors and others who do not handle rentals. We use a detailed application form to gather information about prospective tenants that allows us to investigate further, run a credit check and evaluate their ability to pay rent and the likelihood they will maintain the property in a responsible manner. We review our findings and opinion with the property owner prior to accepting or denying an application. The owner has the final say and must sign the lease documents. Ocean View maintains a 24/7 answering service to ensure that tenant emergencies are handled properly and that we respond to problems that require immediate attention to protect the property. For any major repairs we contact the owner prior to authorizing the work. Ocean View collects the rent and remits the balance to the owner after deducting our fee and any authorized maintenance. We maintain a non-interest bearing escrow account for advance rent and security deposits. View the inventory of Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea homes and condos currently available for rent through Ocean View Realty Group on our annual leases page.

Ocean View Realty Group is a member of the Daytona Beach Area  Association of Realtors® and participates in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which offers thousands of area properties for sale. Through the MLS, properties for sale gain greater exposure and therefore have an increased opportunity to be sold for a fair price in a reasonable amount of time. The MLS is an internet based system that allows instant access to information about properties for sale and the current status.  You can search the MLS through the Ocean View Realty Group Realtor website and also get additional information there about Ocean View. Go to   

Call Ocean View Realty today to discuss your plans to sell your Ormond By The Sea property.  We can guide you through the maze of forms and legal requirements and reduce your anxiety throughout the marketing and selling phase of selling.  

View the inventory of Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea homes and condos currently available for sale through Ocean View Realty Group on our sales page

Ocean View Realty Group participates in the Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors and works hard for our sellers. If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting an Ormond By The Sea home or condo, contact Ocean View Realty.


Ormond By The Sea property owners thinking of buying, selling or renting  property should think of Ocean View first.  Ocean View has been assisting customers in buying, selling and renting Ormond Beach homes and condos since 1986 and has been in the same location since 1991. Ocean View is a member of the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Daytona Beach Chamber, the Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors® and the Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. We receive many referrals from these organizations for our sales and rental activities. We know Ormond By The Sea! Contact Ocean View today, 386-441-8245.

Thinking of selling your Ormond By The Sea home or Condo? Scroll down to the paragraph 'Selling My Property' in Ormond Beach, Florida.

For additional information about Ocean View Realty Group visit the About Ocean View page.