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If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting property in Ormond Beach or Ormond By The Sea contact Ocean View Realty Group today. We specialize in Ormond By The Sea Florida. We know condominiums in the Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea real estate market for sale and rentals of residential property. We participate in the Daytona Beach Area Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  At Ocean View one call does it all!

Ormond Beach Vacation Rental Homes and Condos

Our Ormond Beach condo rentals and vacation homes are individually owned and often occupied by the owner so we must confirm availability with each individual owner for every rental. Personal involvement with our Ormond Beach Rental Specialists in planning your vacation rental is one of the many things we do that helps ensure your visit to Ormond By The Sea is enjoyable.

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Packing Tips
Before you begin, make plans to carry with you any medications, valuables, flammable, unsafe, perishable or irreplaceable items. A change of clothing, toiletries, moving related documents, keys and maps would be other things to set aside. Other items that you may want to carry with you include your address book, phone to plug into at your new home, a hammer, screw driver, pliers, adjustable wrench, duct tape, masking tape and a knife. A towel, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, sponges and cleaning supplies may also come in handy at your new home.

Pack least used items in advance and try to keep items from the same room together. Remember too that lots of people move on the first of the month and on weekends, so make reservations for your mover or truck well in advance. Keep all of your boxes manageable with heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter item in bigger boxes. Clearly mark each box for the room it is going to so on arrival, everything will be easier to identify. Donate items or have a yard sale to reduce what you will need to pack and move.

Packing Supplies, Set Up A Packing Area
- You will probably need twice as many boxes (or more) than you originally planned 
- Bubble wrap and newspaper for wrapping things
- Pens and markers
- Tape measure
- Packing tape and scissors
- Twine or rope
- Furniture pads or old sheets and blankets
- Box cutter/knife

Relocating to Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach or Ormond By The Sea with children?  Volusia County school information is at

Ormond By The Sea Florida 
Ormond By The Sea Florida is a mostly residential unincorporated area between Daytona Beach and Flagler Beach, and between the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River. Just outside the city limits of Ormond Beach, there are mainly condominium buildings along the beach and State Road A1A. Most of the remainder of the Peninsula is single family homes and parks. 

For additional Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea Florida information and photos visit the Ormond By The Sea page on the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. vacation rental website.  Links to information and Daytona Beach area attractions  is on the helpful links page.

Buying, leasing or selling real estate requires the knowledge and expertise of a professional.  Whether you are buying or selling for the first time or adding to your real estate holdings or just looking for a second home or retirement property, Ocean View Realty can help you find your way through it all.  Contact Ocean View Realty today at 386-441-8245 or  

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Moving Tips
A few hints to help with the moving experience.
- Many people move on the first of the month and on weekends so be sure to make arrangements for movers or truck rentals a couple months in advance.  
- The closer you get to moving day the more hectic things may become. 
- Plan ahead and do some of the things early, like sending change of address notes to friends, family etc. Other things you can do early include:
- Decide what you will not move and have a yard sale or donate the items. Clean out the closets, garage, attic and basement. Make a packing plan. 
- Have any needed service to your vehicle done.  
- Arrange for insurance and utilities for your new home.  
- Arrange for transfer of medical, dental, school and other records.  
- Plan transportation and care for any pets.  
- Set up your “packing station” and begin putting things there to get ready.  
- Set aside an area to put important documents and other items you will be keeping with you on moving day. As you come across an item, put it in that area. Also keep a pad of paper and pen there and list items you want to carry with you and check them off as you locate and set them aside.

Moving and Packing Tips By Ocean View Realty Group