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Ormond By The Sea, Florida home and condo specialist, real estate sales and rentals.

Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. incorporated in 1988 and has has operated from the same location in Ormond By The Sea, Florida since 1991. We are also known as Ocean View Realty Group, which is the name we use primarily for our residential real estate sales activities. We have helped thousands of people buy, sell and rent Ormond By The Sea condominiums and vacation homes. We are a small local company and have no home office, chain or franchise telling us how to run our business. We are members of the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce, Daytona Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), and the Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors®. Much of our business has been condo rentals, vacation rentals, holiday rentals and beach house rentals. Years of experience have taught us how to take the hassle out of Florida condo rentals. Our rental procedures continue to develop over time as our experience and Ormond Beach real estate market conditions dictate. Years of experience have already been put to use in our forms, rules and policies. We make every effort to keep our rental properties clean and in good condition so that every occupant will be able to enjoy their stay in our Ormond Beach rentals.

Ormond By The Sea Real Estate Specialist

If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting property in Ormond Beach or Ormond By The Sea contact Ocean View today. We specialize in Ormond By The Sea, Florida. We know condominiums in the Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea real estate market for sales and rentals of residential property. We participate in the Daytona Beach area Multiple Listing Service(MLS).  At Ocean View one call does it all!

Ormond Beach Vacation Rental Reservations

If you are looking to make an online vacation rental reservation here, sorry, we do not do that. At Ocean View we like to discuss your plans and preferences with you and try to match an Ormond By The Sea rental home or condo to your needs as best as we can. These days, sadly, there is also a security concern if we were to let the world know about a vacant property. Our Ormond Beach condo rentals and vacation homes are individually owned and often occupied by the owner so we must confirm availability with each individual owner for every rental. Personal involvement with our Ormond Beach Vacation Rental Specialists in planning your vacation rental is one of the many things we do that helps ensure your visit to Ormond By The Sea is enjoyable. Scores of pages of information and photos can be found at the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. vacation rental website at www.OrmondBeachCondoRentals.com  There you will also find Ormond By The Sea information, links and vacation rental home and condo photos.

Buying, Renting or Selling an Ormond By The Sea, Florida Home or Condo

Ocean View has the experienced staff to help.  Ocean View Realty Group has operated from the same office since 1991.

Our Vacation Rental Specialists can assist you with finding the right home or condo for your Ormond By The Sea Florida vacation or relocation.  Email our Vacation Rental Specialists at ovrentals@aol.com ​or call 386-441-8245.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q # 11 Why are there wide variations in condo sales prices in the same Ormond By The Sea, Florida building? 

There are many reasons why there are wide variations in Ormond By The Sea, Florida condo sales prices within the same condo building.​​

More Ocean View Realty Group Information

For information about Ormond By The Sea, Florida visit the Ocean View Realty Group websitehttp://www.ovrealty.com/ormond-by-the-sea-fl.html  If you are not ready to contact Ocean View Realty Group yet and are not sure where you are in your search you can always go back to the home page of this website and start over.

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Curious about the real estate market in Ormond By The Sea?  Visit the market watch page of this website for updates and comparisons to previous years.

Thinking of buying renting or selling an Ormond By The Sea home or condo?   Email Ocean View Realty Group at ovrealty@aol.com.

For additional information about Ormond By The Sea vacation rental homes and condos contact Deanna Thomas or Jeanne Labonte, our Vacation Rental Specialists ovrentals@aol.com

Visit the Ormond By The Sea, Florida page for information about the local areahttp://www.ovrealty.com/ormond-by-the-sea-fl.html.

Ormond By The Sea vacation rental home and condo information is on the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group Inc. vacation rental website at www.OrmondBeachCondoRentals.com  

At Ocean View Realty Group,  one call does it all!

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Buying or selling Real Estate requires the knowledge and expertise of a professional. Whether you are buying or selling for the first time or adding to your Real Estate holdings or just looking for a second home or retirement property, Ocean View Realty Group can help you find your way through it all. Contact us today at  386-441-8245 or ovrealty@aol.com  or fax to 386-441-2407 

Below are questions often asked by our customers and clients.  We hope you find them helpful.

Ormond Owners Report
Ocean View publishes a quarterly newsletter for out of town Ormond By The Sea property owners to help keep them informed of what is happening in the area. The "Ormond Owners Report" is an informative publication that highlights happenings in Ormond By The Sea and surrounding areas. If you are an Ormond By The Sea Property Owner or are otherwise interested and are not receiving yours visit the Ormond Owners Report web site or use this form to sign up.   The newsletter is published on that web site and also emailed to the mailing list.

A good example is the condo pictured above. If you look close, you can see that the building wraps around the corner and the result is that some units face the ocean directly and some units face north. Which one would you be willing to pay a premium to own?

Those are the questions we hear most from our customers.  If you think you would like to help us add to this list please contact Ocean View Realty Group today.

                 Ormond By The Sea, Florida Consumer FAQ

Q #1 Do you have a list of foreclosures?  
At Ocean View Realty Group we do not maintain a list of Ormond By The Sea, Florida foreclosures for a couple of reasons.

When someone comes into our office and requests a list of foreclosures there is no way to tell for sure why they are asking for the list. Perhaps they need to know the location of vacant homes that they can enter? Is something bad or illegal their motivation? The second reason is that the list is changing constantly and we can always get an up to the minute list of homes and condos that are currently available through our MLS system.  A foreclosed home is not always the best deal and financing can be an issue. Especially if major repairs are needed to make the home “livable”. Discuss your needs in buying a property and we can help you find the right home or condo for you. 

Q #2 Do you have a list of rentals? 

Ocean View Realty Group tries to keep the list of available Ormond By the Sea, Florida homes and condos updated on our website at www.ovrealty.com. We do not maintain a list in the office that can be given to the public. Generally we will try to determine what it is that you are looking for in an Ormond By The Sea rental and try to narrow the choices to see if anything that is currently available may meet your needs. Some of the important things we need to know to help you are: What price range can you afford? Are you interested in a home or condo? How many people will be living with you and what are their ages and relationship to you? If you have any pets, we will need a description of the pet. Ocean View Realty Group tries to provide good service to anyone entering our office and the above will certainly help many people and avoid driving needlessly to addresses that do not meet their basic needs. Consulting with a professional to help determine your needs is an important step in finding a place to live that you will enjoy.

Q #3 What is a short sale? 

Basically a short sale is a home or condo that is available for sale at a price that is less than the amount owed by the current owner on their mortgage. Sometimes more than one mortgage is involved. Why is that important to know? Once you make an offer that is accepted by the owner/seller the signed contract must be submitted to the bank that holds the mortgage and the bank must approve the sale knowing that they will receive an amount that does not fully pay off the existing mortgage. This 3rd party approval adds an additional step and banks have been known to take several months to either approve or deny a sale. Many banks have recently improved their handling of short sales and have expedited the process and may be able to provide a written approval or denial within 4-6 weeks. Part of the review by the bank includes information it requires to be submitted by the owner/seller and not receiving all the required information can lead to additional delays.

Q #4 How much will my taxes be on this property?

This question is best answered by the Volusia County Property Appraiser’s Office. Contact them directly at (386) 254-4601. Generally, the county Property Appraiser sets the property values and the county and other taxing authorities determine the rates. Other factors enter the picture as well, such as a homestead and other exemptions. Taxable values are established once a year and are a year behind. For example, the taxable values for 2019 taxes will generally be based on eligible sales in 2018. Ocean View Realty Group can provide you with about the recent tax bill for a property you are thinking of buying. While there is no way to get a guaranteed figure for future taxes, the Volusia County Property Appraiser’s Office can help you understand the process. Contact  the Volusia County Appraiser at  (386) 254-4601 or visit their web site at http://vcpa.vcgov.org/index.html

Q #5 Should we get a mortgage or should we pay cash? 

Cash is king! There is no doubt that paying cash for real estate makes the sale easier and less costly for the buyer. With no bank involvement there is a lot less paperwork and fees. Closing cost for a bank financed purchase will generally run 3% or more of the sales price  while closing costs for a cash buyer will usually be under $200.00. If you pay cash you can always get a mortgage after you own the property if you decide you need the cash for something else. You could also get an equity line of credit whereby you could write a check for the money you need and not be making  any payments until you actually use the line of credit.

Q #6 Won’t I get a better deal if  I work directly with the listing broker?   

Probably not. By contract and by Florida Law, the listing agent represents the seller  as his agent. The listing agent is obligated to get the best price and terms for the seller, not for you. That means if the listing agent knows of something about the seller that would be beneficial for you, the buyer, to know, the listing agent is not allowed to reveal that information. Conversely, if the listing agent knows that you will pay more for the property he/she is obligated to and will tell the seller. So anything that you say to the listing agent may be shared with the seller and used to help the seller in the negotiations. Many buyers believe that the listing agent will give up part of their commission to get a sale if you deal directly with them, but that is generally not true. 

Q #7 Why are they selling?  

The home is so beautiful why do they want to leave? Life is full of changes and as our circumstances change, we may need different housing. Death, divorce, job loss, job relocation, health and other family issues are all reasons why someone may want or need to sell their home. There are many other reasons such as a desire to move to a certain neighborhood or to a larger or smaller home, and of course there are those that buy and sell for a profit. Motivation to sell comes from many places and may or may not impact your ability to get a better deal. The only true way to find out how motivated a seller is to sell a home is to make an offer and watch the reply.

Q # 8 Do I need a home inspection? 

A home inspection is usually not a requirement in a real estate purchase but there is good reason to have a home inspection prior to your purchase. A good home inspector is licensed and insured to perform the inspection and will  look at many aspects of the property including many things that are not really visible. Even if you are buying a home in “as is” condition or buying a home new or that has been remodeled you can rely on the home inspection to point out any problems or any potential future problems. If you are present at the inspection, you may also learn the proper operation, care and maintenance of many of the items in the home. You will have peace of mind moving into your home following a home inspection with the knowledge that a professional has thoroughly reviewed everything about the home and its operation systems. 

Q # 9 Why can’t we see it now? 

Some homes and condos for sale in Ormond By The Sea, Florida are vacant and on a lock box to make last minute showing easier. Many, however, are occupied by the owner or by a tenant and require notice and an appointment to show. When a home or condo is occupied by a tenant an appointment must be made, usually 24 hours in advance, at the convenience of the tenant. During the winter months when many Ormond By The Sea homes and condos are occupied by snowbirds vacationing to avoid the harsh northern winter, many owners choose to not disturb their tenants. Some of the winter tenants will refuse showings. So if a property is vacant and on a lock box we can usually show it immediately with a quick call to the listing agent. Otherwise, we must follow the wishes of the occupant and the owner/seller.

Q #10 How much do you think its worth or what should I offer? 

Ocean View Realty Group can not tell you what to offer, that is a decision you must make on your own. We can review with you similar or comparable Ormond By The Sea, Florida homes or condos that have sold recently to give you an idea of the current market value.  Many factors influence value including the condition and location of the property. Homes and condos that have modern remodeled kitchens and baths, added extras like a pool or storm shutters and other improvements are probably going to sell for more than a property that has not been improved. Likewise, a property for sale that is in need of repairs should sell for a lower price to compensate for the lack of ongoing maintenance by the current owner.

Ocean View Realty  Group in Ormond By The Sea, Florida

Some of the factors include:

1. Condo units on the first floor are always more difficult to sell and usually command a lower price. Everybody wants a better view and more security.
2. The condition of the unit is important especially if there have been updates and if hurricane shutters have been added.
3. End units and those that directly face the ocean usually bring a higher price.
4. Bank owned units are generally less desirable and bring lower prices.
5. Some units have wild colors, foul odors or other things that make potential buyers leave quickly.
6. Units that are easy to show without the seller present give more buyers an opportunity to discover the best features of a unit.
7. Floor plans can be different or the balcony may be different or there may be a garage with some units.
8. There may be interior improvements such as walls removed etc.